Good / Bad Referral


Those looking at realty for

  • Residence or Investment, or commercial /Prelease
  • Weekend / Retirement home, or NA PLOT
  • Individuals with budgets ranging from INR 50 Lakh to 100 Cr


  • Residential Rental
  • Open Plot (Farmar’s Plot), agriculture plot
  • Supply side of Properties, builder, or project outside of Pune
  • Other Real estate Brokers or Agent.

How the well-wishers can support?

What to SEE?

  • Individuals whose friends/ relatives have moved into or want to move to Pune. The most likely candidates would be from Mumbai, other parts of Maharashtra, the Middle East, or any other overseas locations.
  • Individuals looking forward to buying property in Pune for end use, investment, retirement, or weekend use
  • If anyone has enough investments in mutual funds, stocks, and wanted to invest in Real Estate now
  • If any close acquaintances are talking about capital gain or asking for CA connection for advice on the same.
  • Any political connect, business person, entrepreneurs, or established businessmen from cities like Kolhapur, Nagpur, Nashik, Mumbai, Solapur, Nanded, Latur, or Aurangabad.

What to HEAR

Words spoken which include new property, investment, affordable or premium home, new office space, retail shop, office expansion, pre-leased or pre-rented properties, passive income through real estate, mutual fund, stock broker, distressed properties. Celebrity Investor, Black component, government employee.

What to Say

  • “Are you looking for a reliable and credible intermediary to help you buy or invest in real estate?
    If so, I can connect you to a very reliable realty advisor close to me, who can support you from prospecting to the finalization of your property deal. And all of this WITHOUT CHARGING ANY BROKERAGE!”
  • Are you looking for Commercial property, like an office, shop, showroom, or space for the hospital on outright purchase or long lease?
    If so, I can connect you to a very reliable source, who is well connected with India’s all top Developers at the owner level
  • If you are thinking about buying Real Estate, I can connect you with an expert in the subject matter, who can give you a free consultation on the same and also advise and assist you for the entire buying process.
  • I know one reliable source who can help you to earn passive income through real estate. He has pre-leased or pre-rented properties in the range of INR 25 lakhs to INR 100 cr.